A bipolar woman, her ex mobster husband and her singing lover. They’ve all been living together for months now. The lover in a hidden room, only comes out when the husband is away. And it’s a true story.


Esther Maria Pietsch as Silvia

Stanley Walker as Stan

Alexander Neumann as Ramon

Peter Bosch as Mike

Victoria "Bonita" Stangler

Amie Mignatti

Luz Köhler


Written, Directed and Original Music by: Juan Pablo Ayala

Director of Photography: Philip Süß 
1st Camera assistant and operator: Ramon "Fancy" Laske 
2nd Camera assistant and operator: Victoria Stangler
Art Director: Miriam Nowak

Sound Mixing/design: Christian Lösekamm 
Sound recorder: Zoltan von Köver
Makeup artist: Anja Dettweiler 
Stunt Coordinator: Jaymes Butler 
Production assistants: Felix Krause
Daniel Duzy
Lena Tusche

Special Thanks: 
Monika Anna Jablonska, Holger Frick, Nana Ruth, Miriam Schäfer, Nicole Zweig, Anselm Lier